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Good day my dog loving friends! My name is Jair and I am from Toronto, Canada and I was raised by my two loving hippies, I mean parents, aboard our 37-foot sailboat. This is where my interaction with labs began, they were the number one choice for other live-aboard boaters because they were such a good water dog. It does make you think of the space restrictions on a boat and then the choice to these 80-100 lbs critters. My mother was the big animal lover in my life and no matter the animal, whether it was a dog, cat, goose, seagull, snake, turtle, even other boaters (you know who you are) my mother just had this way with any animal. She knew how to read them, how to handle them. This is where I inherited the same talents from.
Most of these boat dwelling labs were well behaved and loved the boating life, but there were a select few that were just plain out of control. Some one they recognized or one of these people who see a dog and their voice goes 3 octaves higher and start rough housing with them and that all too famous lab tail comes and clears a coffee table or anything else in its path including ones face at the right height. Learning to read the dog’s body language, learning their barks, I began to be able to forecast what was about to happen and started training the dogs to act more proper and all this just by watching what my mother would do and I was only 10 years old.
My first dog was a German Sheppard that came from the litter of the dogs used in the Littlest Hobo, a Canadian tv show, some what like lassy but with a German Sheppard. Pax was his name and he was the runt of the litter. He grew up and became a good 70 lbs dog. When he was just a little puppy though, I learned in the back yard of a house we were staying in for a short term while our boat was being repaired, I found I could get Pax to follow me anywhere with out the use of treats or a toy. I then left the house ( I should also state this was when I was 6 years old) I left the house and walked to my Grandmothers which was only about 5 blocks away, with Pax about a foot beside me the whole way, with no leash. My parents couldn’t believe it and nor could my grandmother. Actually, my grandmother was more surprised I walked to her house all alone. Fast forward another decade.
By now I had rescued a couple of dogs, dumped on highways by people or left tied up in a vacant lot and trained them all greatly and gotten them homes. Now at age 22 I had done my back in skateboarding and was laid up after surgery and living on my own with a room mate who worked for a large pet store. I came home one day from the Doctors and we had a dog, a big pit bull locked in a crate.  My roommate said we were just watching him for a few days, but my room mate was terrified as he was an abused dog and was very skittish and defensive, so he was always in the crate. I had a cat at the time and he was cool that the dog was in the crate too. So I thought, well this poor guy is never going to trust anyone if he is always stuck in a cage. So while my room mate was sleeping I pulled out this pitbull we named Austin and started to bond. I was a clinical insomniac thanks to all my meds at the time so we were up all night long. Morning came and I took Austin into my room mates bedroom and let Austin wake him up, I didn’t know men could do backflips and hang from the ceiling in their underwear? We ended up keeping Austin and I had him fully trained and trusting us in 4 days, now the cat was another story. Austin loved my cat Morrissey who was a Maine Coon/Tomcat mix I rescued..but, Morrisseey didn’t like Austin. We should have called the dog Scarface after that.
From this point, I have rescued a few other dogs briefly, mostly pit bulls as they were my favorite breed. To be politically correct, they were American pit terriers, Staffordshire terriers, Terrier mutts as there is no breed called a pitbull, it’s just a bad name applied to a bad stigma. So I met my fiance who was a kindergarten teacher and super timid. I was a bartender so our shifts were always opposite. I found my fiance was so timid that she wouldn’t go out at night. Granted our neighborhood wasn’t the white fenced burbs but if children could run around after the street lights came on, I think she would be safe enough. So I said we could have a dog, but it had to be a pitbull (Amstaff Terrier) She was against it. I told her my friend had a litter and let’s just go take a look. By the time we left I thought we might have 4 puppies as she had 2 in each hand saying can we take these? We finally decided on one and now we just had to wait as they were only 3 weeks old. Through unforeseen events and being ambushed by having this 5-week old puppy just dropped on our doorstep, the fiance was in love and I was in for sleepless nights with this screeching puppy. I had never dealy with a dog this young before and I had no idea how to care for it. Thank god we had the National Discovery Channel, enter the Dog Whisperer. Now, I know some people are against him as the pack leader or dominant dog theory was disproved, but I will say this, to this very day, I have never seen anyone handle a strange dog and correct its behavior so quickly and to gain the dogs love and admiration so quickly.
My fiance soon became a pitbull activist as they were banned in our province, this dog, Jasmine, became her child as she still wouldn’t go out at night in fear of someone might hurt jasmine. Jasmine topped out at 115 lbs of pure ripped muscle. I had trained her with what I knew and always used, along with some of the Dog Whispers techniques. Jasmine was trained on hand signals but also took clickers and verbal commands. People at the dog park were astounded what I had gotten Jasmine to do and soon I was training everyone’s dogs, for free too I might add, just as I enjoyed it. Now 2 very bad things happened this summer of 2011 (don;t worry, this is where we come back to our loving labs) My fiances family dog passed and my old back problems came back in full force. So I had to stop working and was home all the time now. November on 2011 we drove through a blizzard to get this puppy for her father and I was to train it so that we could give it to him on Christmas day. This was a lab-collie mix. Training with off with out a hitch and the puppy took to all the fathers commands on Christmas morning and he was astounded as their old dog wasn’t this well trained. So the idea came for me to train dogs as a living since I already had been doing it, just not getting paid for it, since I could no longer do my job as a flair bartender ( I juggled bottles while making cocktails)
So I started reading books, watching every dog whisperer episode, I started watching Doggy Dan and other famous trainers getting ready to get my certification when my back took a real dump and I lived my days on the living room floor in a sleeping bag. My fiance and I even had tickets to see the Dog Whisperer in Toronto but I couldn’t even get to the car because I was in so much pain. Several months later I received a very weird phone call asking about my dog training skills and my attraction and support of the bully breeds and the pitbull of course.  The voice seemed so familiar but I couldn’t place it. The voice then said, well I am going to put you through to my secretary and she will set something up and he asked to speak to my fiance again who answered the phone in the first place. Then the phone was handed back and I spoke with this lady who goes on to yell me shes from Ceasar Milans crew (aka Dog Whisperer) and that they want me at the Oshawa show and to do a demo with the man himself. He had heard the work that my fiance and me had done with the Ontario Pitbull Co-op and all the great things we did for the breed. Unfortunately I could not use my dog becasue of the pit bull ban buy I used her father’s dog. So I hobbled onto stage did a few tricks on stage and we got to meet him back stage. That’s when I decided I wanted to do something big with dogs.
Now, one would have thought I would be doing it with some sort of pitbull, Boxer, Mastive but no, Here I am putting together an unbiased website about the loveable cute Labrador Retriever..but why? The number choice breed for a family dog numerous years in a row as told by the American Kennel Club. Now with the “pitbull” breed being mixed with so many other dog breeds, the most common pet breed is a form one way or another of the “pitbull” breed. Do you know what the number dog bite is in the ER rooms in North America, the Labrador Retriever. Don’t get discouraged now because these great loyal loveable companions are not at fault for this. And this is why I choose to develop this website to hopefully prevent a few of these accidents from ever happening since my back issues have prevented me from training dogs, so I hope to pass on my experiences, my knowledge, knowledge of other professionals, deals I have come across in this industry, and hopefully help you create the best loving home and relationship with these great dogs. So enough about my life, let us learn how to train your Labrador Retriever.

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