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Your Labrador Retriever needs a new dog collar and leash, which collar and leash are best? Do they serve more function then a restraint and to hold their ID tags? Are some collars and leashes dangerous? Do I need more than one collar and one leash? Where doNo retractable leashes I start? Your answers are yes, yes, yes, yes and right here. Although my site has a page dedicated to choosing the right leash for your new furry fashionista, in this article I will go over the WORST and most dangerous leash and collar for your Labrador Retriever.


​If you have never been to your local dog park on a Saturday morning, let me set the seen for you because it may not be this very scneario but every dog park has one and anybody who has been and is reading this right now, I bet they are saying,”OHHhhh, that’s such and suchs handler!” So it’s a lovely yet a little brisk Saturday morning, dogs are running around, chasing a ball that one andler has invoked a community play with all the bigger breeds present. All the other handlers conferge in a tight circle or like a police line up with leashes in one hand and a morning Tim Hortons coffee (this is a Canadian coffee Black&white outine of Dog Divachain and subsequently the best coffee in the world!) Enter the wicked …we will use the word witch as the other word doesn’t fit this websites “G” rating, the wicked witch of Starbucks. The only women wearing high heels on the grassy field of the dog park. She lites up this 6 inch thin cigarette and she has the smallest dog in the whole park. It looks like they dropped a new roll of toilet paper in the toilet, all poofy like. Shes afraid to let the dog off the leash so she has this retrackable leash with this tiny cordage rope that will burn your skin off faster than a Borax aftershave. The little poof ball chases the heard of bigger ball chasing dogs getting all entwinned in all of the handlers legs and nips at the larger dogs until the bigger dogs get annoyed enough and yakes a quick stamped over the small dog which then takes off, burning all the handlers legs with this, the worlds most dangerous leash. “oh yah, that is such and such.”


​Why is this leash so dangerous? When your dog is on the leash, your emotional state, your energy, transfers down to your dog. If your worried about a dog fight, your tense and stressed out, so will be your dog. By this happening, your dog understands that you ae both teathered to one another. Watch a dog on these retrackable leashes, always running to the end, choking themselves, 20 seconds later doing the exact same thing, why? These leashes eliminate all connection with your dog, danger point #1. If you realize acollage of retractable leashes dangerous situation, like a stray unfriendly dog heading your way, or approaching a busy intersection or maybe a nother dog laying down chewing on a toy who doesn’t want to be disturbed, little fi-fi is oblivious to this why? Danger point #2. When a dog is walking on a leash, the dog should be following your lead not the other way around. That’s why any professional trainer will tell you, the furthest a trained dog  should be past you is zero, they should be at your side if not a little behind you, not 25 fett outfront, then 25 feet to the left and 25 feet to the right, twice around the fire hydrant or running out into the road. Danger point #3 You have zero control of your dog on these retrackable leashes. Most owners let the dog run far out in front and usually do not have the break activated. If that dog sees a squirrel behind you slightly and across the road, the dog takes off, now in full running stride and even with you ripping your shoulder out of the socket trying to pull your dog back, it’s now 15 feet in the middle of the road and you still have no control. There are even more danger points like ammputated fingers, equipment malfunction like unspooling at will, the further a dog gets out in front, the more they will pull making them look aggressive to other dogs near by who may act out becasue of it, try stopping a dog fight 30 feet away and now tied in knots. Still not convinced?


​Maybe my words can’t paint a good enough picture of the device being ripped out of a handlers hand from a dog in full sprint taking off or being able to control your dog and return them away from harm, so here’s a little .gif file I found where a little pug, not a big powerful dog like a Labrador Retriever, who will now and forever take my side. Just before we get to this I do want to point out that majority of these accidents are simply the handler being disconnected from their pooch and this is by the thinking of they are doing their dog a favor by giving them a little more freedom but the further your dog gets away, the easier you get distracted. So most of these problems are handler error and neglect but there are plenty of more reasons why these are such devices of doom. So, this happened not too long ago over in Russia. I could not find the actual footage but this gif will show you enough and how quickly danger can unravel (like the pun, I’m proud of it! Come on, I have heard ruff’er ones before lol) Play the GIF!!!

Pug being pull up by leash stuck on elevator
Danger point #218 Elevators


Now if it wasn’t for this innocent bystandard with kightening quick fingers and ability to comprehand things very quickly, this women could’ve had the worlds thinnest pug or a pug with a giraffe neck or even worse 2 halves of a pug. Why did the pug even run out? He wasn’t chasing anything. Even when the women realized what was about to happen, she reefed back on the leash, she could not get her pug out of harms way, in fact she nearly got him squished by the doors and again this is in Russia, I’m sure they don’t have the nice doors that open back up if something is in their path. So I am sure this little clip it may have you thinking twice about these retrackable leashes. I have even witnessed a puppy burmese mountain dog killed by one of these and trust me, seeing something like that, would change your mind for ever and for good reason.


​Now if you weren’t in a surburban area, your dog was already trained on a leash, your dog was within a resonable size for one of these leashes and you devoted your attention to your dog and the walk at hand, I might  and it’s a very small “might”​ but I would always prefer my six feet of safety for my best friend, my Labrador Retriever puppy and I am sure they will feel the same way too. Because I have a firm belief that a happy dog is an alive dog. If you have a story about these leashes or unfortunately a bad experience, please leave us a comment below.  What are your  two doggy biscuits on these leashes? If you have a question that the collar & leashes section did not answer, please leave your question below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible, you won’t have to wait for dog years for a reply.

Labrador Retriever holding leash silhouette

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  1. I have been scared of dogs for as long as I can remember so to see them on a lead is a big relief for me but what I hate is seeing the owners drag them along by their leads, I said I was scared of them I don’t hate them.
    People who do this should be made to walk around for a day wearing a lead and have someone drag them around to see how they like it!

    1. It’s good to see you have a heart, some people are right down cruel. Were you attacked by a dog? Is this what instills the fear of K-9’s into you? Well here’s a video that will show you not all people are mean to animals, even when they don’t cooperate as well dogs are not mean and vicious, it’s the effect of a poor handler that makes them that way,  whether intentional or just plain inexperienced. I have a American Staffordshire Terrier (A really big pitbull) and she is a compassion companion meaning we go around retirement homes, children’s hospitals to brighten up their day. I also do this to promote and show that it is not the breed of dog that is dangerous, it’s the handler and how they raise the breed of dog. Thanks for stopping by and I hope one day you can curb that fear and enjoy the company of mans best friend.

  2. Hello Jair,

    Thank you for the excellent article! I love dogs very much and found your article interesting and helpful. Dogs safety should be the first concern of their owners. Normally, should take care of their own safety, too.

    I didn’t know that the leash you describe could be so dangerous. I’m sure that majority of people who buy dogs for their children or themselves don’t have an idea of potential risks buying this or similar leashes.
    Thank you again!
    Best regards

    1. l love how you are researching through these articles and learning. Whoever becomes your dog-child, will be in very good hands. Unfortunately, there are a number of unsafe and unhealthy products for dogs out there. That’s why you have to be diligent and do your research to protect your furry family member…not your aunt bunny, your dog! Another dangerous toy for dogs that a lot of people do not think about are rope toys. There is only 1 safe rope toy out there for dogs and most people are unaware of it. I will be doing an article on it in the near future, so check back again. I was raised by my parents (as most of us are) they had a rope manufacturing plant, the largest in North America at the time, we did a lot of research into the topic so we…so I, could have my own part in the company as well, I made the rope toy. So I do have a very authoritative role on the subject. Thanks for stopping by…again, we always enjoy your company!

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