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So. you have decided that the Labrador Retriever is the breed for you & your family. Well, I can honestly say, you have made a fantastic choice. I would highly recommend, especially if you are getting a puppy, to organize your pick up around some vacation time or a long weekend. This will allow you to help your new guest settle in and for you to start understanding your new friend better. This will also be a great time to get a jump on house training as it does require a big time commitment, so taking some time off around a holiday or long weekend will minimize as little disruption to your life and schedule. That’s saying a lot since you now have a Labrador Retriever puppy in your life.

Now, before you pick up your new or used….but new to you, Labrador Retriever, there are a few things  you’re going to need to get. I will list them first so you can take a photo on your phone & have a shopping list, then I will get a little  more in depth afterwards. One thing we should note now, from here on out, all these directions are assuming you have no other pets in your household. I will be doing blogs covering subjects where other pets come into play. Alright , let’s get a puppy!!

  • Nutriuos puppy food Or a premium dry  adult food (if you adopted).
  • Appropriate food & water bowls.
  • A crate & chew proof bedding.
  • A puppy pen & door barriers.
  • Chew toys.
  • Interactive toys.
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Collar & Leash.
  • Clicker.
  • Treats.
  • Grooming tools.
  • Poop bags.
  • ID Tags.
  • Cleaning supplies for home (Accidents, it will happen)
  • Benedryl tablets (optional)
A Chocolate Labrador Retriever acting goofy wearing an afro wig and other blinged out props.
A Black and yellow Labrador Retriever all blinged out.

Now we have our shopping list, we need to know what options we have available to us and more importantly what our new friend will need and what they will like. So be sure at this point to bring your new friend with you for some of these things so that they can shop as well. Just as we have preferences, so do puppies and even more so, dogs. Some dogs don’t like bright things, some don’t like certain materials, so by involving them in the buying process, it will save you trips to the pet store and say you a bunch of frustration. Plus you get to show off your new puppy or dog!

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