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WIFE: “Where’s the tired puppy going to sleep?”
HUSBAND: “Not in the dang bed, it can sleep on the floor like all the other dogs in the world!”
HUSBAND……slept in the dog house AND the puppy in the bed.

Sleepy Lab Puppy
A husband in the Labradors doghouse.

Now, your new Labrador Retriever will need some nice bedding to sleep on if you have any chance making it back into the bed.  I will mention now that, you may want to stay with a few old beach towels in the crate until fully house broken.
For the the crate you won’t need some massive fluffy pillow, in the crate, less is best. Bing in a confined space can become warm, especially a plastic or covered crate, so something just enough to make the floor not so hard will work fine, as long as the material is breathable. You will have 100’s of options at your local pet store, just make sure the bedding marches the space of the entire floor of the crate. If purchased at separate times, now would be a good time to take some measurements of the crate before going to the pet store….and don’t forget to take fido, they love shopping and most pet stores allows your dog as long as it’s on a leash and your prepared to clean up any messes. Let Fido sniff out the new potential bedding, after all they are the one sleeping in it ,so they have to feel comfortable with it.
Now, if you don’t want  you new K-9 college up on the couch all the time, a dog bed would be a great idea. This is where you want to invest a little money as this piece of equipement will be used in training and in every day life for as long as your pawtastic friend. Again, something chew proof, something breathable and something supportive and won’t break down. So let me introduce you to the Rolls Royce of doggy beds, K9 Ballistic chew proof dog beds. First, let me say I receive no money, perks, nothing from them for this, this is strictly from my own personal experience.
K9 Ballistic dog beds have absolutely every type of bed to suit your needs. If you don’t have a K9 Ballistic or your local pet store doesn’t carry them, order off line. I guarntee you you puppy/dog will love these (as long as they are not traumatized from a lose in a recent pillow fight) I won’t waste time telling you of all there options and what proper fitment should (it really depends on what you get, but just ask a sales person or if ordering online, email them first, they will gladly help you choose the correct fit and bed for your new snoring problem. I had these for Pitbulls, Sheppards, Rotwiellers and Labrador Retrievers and they held up to all of them. Depending on your dogs habits like my Jasmine who had to do several circles then pae at it before she laid down, the covers are a little loud but we solved that with a simple bed sheet over top of the princess’ bed and it solved that problem. The others were all fine. You remember Max? The door eating Sheppard….even he couldn’t get through this. K9 Ballistic beds offers a 90 day chew proof guarantee. Only way a dog is chewing through this is if it got damaged in shipping. It will be the first and last bed you buy. 

The #1 reason why Fido ate your new leather racing shoes or that laundry basket of every bra your wife owns or that wooden antique end table is boredom. Puppies have the attention span of their age, if your puppy is 12 weeks old, you got 12 seconds before it gets bored and on to something new. So if you want to keep your favorite things (because Labrador Retrievers always go for what you love, not for something you tried to re-gift…twice!!) We are going to need some chew toys and some interactive toys to keep the fur ball happy and occupied. We will delve into this very important topic next.

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