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Ultimate puppy junkfoodWhoever would have thought you would be keeping recipes for your lab puppy better yet, whoever would have thought you would be cooking for your lab? Just like us always eating out and not spending time cooking food that matters for us, the same goes for your four-legged friend. Their food gives them enough nutrition to get by and the more expensive specialized food out costs your monthly food budget, this is a way to ensure your lab puppy is getting all the nutrients that they need when growing up.


Human sneaking a dog human foodAre you the type that likes to sneak your pups human food but act like you know nothing about it as it’s only a treat once and awhile?These recipes will cover snacks, treats, even making your own dry kibble all made with natural, healthy ingredients so that this can be a treat or an everyday affair. You can even go a  step further and make them with organic ingredients. No gourmet culinary expertise needed to complete these recipes, after all, you are cooking for a dog.



This collection comes from otherDog treats and rawhide bones K-9 professionals and from recipes that I have conjured over the years and over many different breeds. Some were winners with some breeds while others would turn up their noses. I found it to not be breeds but individuals taste so it’s best to make single servings at first until you know what the taste of your pets is.


If you have any of your own recipes that you have prepared for your pup or for a past dog, please tell us about it in the comments section below. I will give attributions if any, to the culinary wizards that have created any of these recipes. If you have any questions or concerns, our inbox is always openMixture of healthy ingrediants for a growing lab puppy to finding you the answers you need.



So without further a due, let’s get cooking, Bon appetite!

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