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In order to start Basic Training with our first command, here are the top 101 puppy names for you to get an idea of choosing a name for your new furry family member. Choosing a name can be a daunting and long process, do you name them for a characteristic they portray or simply name them by the way it sounds or possibly to match another pet already present in your household. Whatever your reason for choosing a name, you have A LOT of CHOICES to choose from and that is why I have created the top 101 puppy names to help give you some ideas. I didn’t choose 101 to be one better than another list but for a famous cartoon movie about dogs, can you guess it? That’s right!! 101 Labrador Retrievers….? What? You never saw that one? Anyway, here is the top 101 puppy names, a list full of common, unique and stereotypical names for a puppy or a dog. Hopefully, this list will help you along with making a decision so they don’t end up being called nameless….don’t laugh, I had a cat named nameless but I also had a dog named mike hat!!

  • ABBY
  • ACE
  • BEAR
  • BLUE
  • BRIE
  • BUZZ
  • CASH
  • CICI
  • CODY
  • DASH
  • DIVA
  • ECHO
  • EVIE
  • JACK
  • JAX
  • JAZZ
  • JET
  • JINX
  • JOJO
  • KIVA
  • KONO
  • KYRA
  • LARK
  • MAX
  • MIA
  • MOJO
  • OBIE
  • RIOT
  • RUBY
  • SKYE
  • TANK
  • TORI
  • ZEKE

There you have it, the top 101 puppy names. The crazy thing is that there probably at least another 10,000 things you can call your dog, I can think of at least 20 of my all time favorites that didn’t even make the top 100 but my all time favorite for a Yellow Labrador did come in at #100 and it’s a classic…..ol’Yeller!!

Some things to think about when naming your pooch. Try to stay away from really popular names…I know…why you ask? When you’re at the dog park and you call your dog and you have 5 other dogs coming home with you that you didn’t have before. Next, make sure it is a name that can be clearly heard and can be yelled. You try yelling  Aloysius Snuffleupagus (better known as Mr. Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street) on a windy day across a school yard, every kid will come running but not your dog. Which brings us to the last point, try to stick to one word names. If a dog fight was to break out at the dog park, the last thing you want to be screaming out in a panic is Mr Fuzzy Feets.

I hope some of your ideas or even favorite names showed up on the top 101 names for puppies and if not, I hope at least you got a few ideas. Now that we have a name for old or rather young fuzzy feets now we can start training with our 5 basic training commands. Check back soon for the first installation where we will put that new name to the test…and I truly hope it’s not fuzzy feet…that’s just RUFF.

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  1. Wow! I love your article. I intend on getting a female Labrador Retriever puppy soon and I have been thinking about the perfect name to give to her.
    My favorite among all the other names is DIVA! Yelling this at the dog park may fetch my a new girl too! What are your thoughts on the silver Labradors, I heard they aren’t even a real Labrador Retriever?

    Thanks for sharing the things we need to consider when getting and  naming a puppy. Thanks for sharing your ideas on the top 101 names for puppies, now I found a name for my puppy. I am so glad I found this website!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by John and congratulations on making the decision to getting yourself a puppy, a Labrador Retriever puppy! 

      As for your question about the controversial “silver” Labrador Retriever. Up until this very year the Silver Labrador Retriever was not excepted as a breed by the AKC and the following community as they were just considered a freak mutt due to improper breeding. In 2017, the lineage to this breed has finally been found out and the AKC has started taking The Silver Labrador Retriever for registration. The “silver” coat from this Labs is actually just a shade of the Chocolate lab and the lineage of the breed was followed back to the original breeders involved with the Weimaraner breed.

      Let me know if your “Diva” plan at the Dog park works…cause if it does, I might need to get a new pooch and call it “Ineedawoman!” I’m glad my article was helpful to you and be sure to visit back often as we start our basic training very soon, it will be sure to make life with a puppy a little less ruff. All the best John.

  2. Hi Jair,
    Great list of names!

    I had two dogs, and since one of them passed away, my dog is very sad. He needs a new friend, so we’ve decided to adopt a small cute puppy:) We didn’t know how to call him, and that list really helped me decide. I like Roxie, but it is way too popular. So I’ve finally chosen the shadow name, it sounds beautiful!

    Thank you very much for this useful article!

    1. First Daniella, thank you for stopping by. I am super glad the list helped you.  Shadow is a great strong name as it does not sound like any other names or words, so yelling across far distances even on windy days, the way the name is delivered at high power volumes, it’s super clear and distinct. Great name!

      Have you decided on a breed? To best match your fur-baby to a new playmate, age does not matter but you want to ensure their energy levels are as similar as possible. A more energetic dog or puppy can create anxiety and dominance issues. Like taking your child to get new shoes include your dog in the whole process, have them meet one another in neutral ground for both like a park near the shelter. You will instantly know if they are a fit or not. After all, it will be their new playmate, I would not for see you sharing a nice chew toy or swap butt sniffing right? I find many people do not include their dogs in the buying of new equipment or a new playmate. Include your dog in as many decisions as possible, your dog will respect you and your whole home and relationship will be better for it.
      If you need any help or advice, please send us an email and we will gladly get the answer you need to make this whole process easier and without all the unnecessary ruff spots. Thanks again Daniella, all the best from Dog training with Jair.

  3. I absolutely love your post. It was just what I needed since I am getting a new puppy soon. It will be a Labrador Retriever, but a black Labrador Retriever, they are my favorite puppies! I was looking for a name and your list helped me in less than 1 minute.

    I select Josie (Jose) named after my favorite Mexican drink 🙂 Would you recommend a breeder or adopting a puppy? I don’t think I could ever buy from a pet store with all the puppy mills about.

    Thanks for sharing your list and making my life a little less “ruff” as you always say!

    1. Thanks for your great comment Rika, I wish you all the best with your new family member Josie (Jose). To answer your question and I am sure a lot of people will disagree with me, but I am the type of person who always goes to a shelter first to see if I can find what I am looking for. Breeder puppies always get homed but this is not the case for the shelters, most of these puppies and dogs are on a very short timeline. I have always had amazing luck with rescue animals. Rescue animals are also extremely cheaper than any breeder depending on the breed, so I will always take my new furry friend and have a very thorough vet examination to discover any illness or possible health issues be known. In all my cases it has still come out cheaper in the end. That being said, that’s just my choice.

      Going to a Breeder you are assured quality bloodlines so most hereditary ailments have been bred out ensuring a happy, healthy companion. With a breeder you can also see the puppy you want earlier enough that you can actually imprint on to it creating that greater bond for when training comes around. Breeders also will not release a puppy from the mother until the correct time helping with proper socialization skills. Breeder puppies usually also seem to have nicer markings because of loyal bloodlines but again, you really pay for all this. One thing to be aware of, a really reputable breeder will often do a house visit to ensure your house is ready for a puppy, like a properly enclosed backyard with no holes in fencing and fencing that goes into the ground so they can not dig under and that fencing is high enough to not jump over. A clean home with no huge bundle of wires laying about. Just like you baby proof your home, they want to see you have puppy proofed your home and that you are ready to receive a puppy into your life, remember, breeders loves their product and will ensure they get the best home.

      Which ever route you take, I am sure you will be totally happy with your choice and I know for sure, your puppy will be happiest of all, in their new forever home. Thanks for the great comment and I am glad the 101 puppy name list was able to take the “ruff” part out of naming your new puppy. In case you change your mind on the name, the list is always here for you. Happy licks and wags to you Rika!

  4. Thanks for the list, Jair. I was trying to think names with my girlfriend for our new little friend but we could not find over ten ideas (all of them was the standard dog names).

    I will use your tips, we will give him a name unique and easy to hear.

    1. Hello Ilias and welcome to my website. I;m glad you found the Top 101 puppy names list helpful. A good way to think of a name, get out doors together, get a little exercise and test out your idea names, try this. Me and my fiance did this and it was how we came upon the name for our AM-Staff (American Pit Terrier X Staffordshire Terrier or a big-ass pitbull) We went to the park and the two of us used to throw frisbees a lot as we played a lot of frisbee golf. You could use a football, soccer ball, baseball and mitt, volley ball, whatever, just something where you got some good distance between each other and throwing, kicking or bumping or some form of activity. Each time I threw the frisbee I would yell a name idea I had.  Then she would do the same. We did this for about 40 minutes and finally I yelled Jasmine as I had just designed a new Cocktail for work that I named after Princess Jasmine from Aladdin….I couldn’t sleep one night, hit play on the DVD player and Aladdin was in there (fiance is a JK teacher and tutors from our house so she had it in for a child while waiting to be picked up)

      The point is it got us use to going out and being active because you have to be owning a puppy, we got to have some fun and test out names doing the same sort of activity we would do with the dog and lucky enough the day was windy as well. It made the whole task fun and not stressful at all! Well, I thank you for stopping by Ilias,I wish you all the best, be sure to stop back and learn some more when you get your puppy. Do you know if you’re going to adopt or go the breeder route? What breed did you have in mind and why?

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